BILAGA – limited editions

Anastasia Vepreva

Posted in Uncategorized by bilaga on April 28, 2015


The first issue of 2015, transported from Russia by special delivery!

At the same time as Anastasia partook in a residency in Skövde the Swedish military was hunting unidentified naval vessels in the archipelago of Stockholm. To her it came quite unexpectedly that she, an artist in the middle of Västergötaslätten would feel unease when someone asked where she was from. Perhaps she was a real spy? The work Anastasia has made is a postcard with a personal greeting to an unknown receiver.

During the autumn of 2014 Anastasia partook in a residency at Skövde Konsthall. The art institution runs AiR Skövde, a project initiated by Västra Götalandsregionen with the aim of creating meeting pots for international and local artists throughout the region. Anastasias work is a result of a collaboration between Skövde Konsthall and BILAGA.

About AiR Skövde:

Under Editions you find the text translated to English

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