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Klubb Fenix & Textival 2016

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In collaboration with Textival 2016 Klubb Fenix was first out this year with a collection of short texts. The framework for the texts was home, also this years theme for Textival, and during the festival a short reading took place at Litteraturhuset in Gothenburg. The physical framework for the collection of small books was a text by Soleyman Ghasemiani Jag och exilen (Me and the Exile)

Klubb Fenix is a group of writers with a different mother tongue than Swedish but at present they are all based in Sweden.

BILAGA also participated in Textmässan (Text fair) at Frilagret during Textival.

Найдено в Лабиринте / Found in Labyrinth

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During December 2015 to end of January 2016 Bilaga took part in an exhibition for artist books and printed matters at the Library of Art books and Graphics in St. Petersburg Russia. The exhibition was organized by Labyrint Press, Botkyrka Konsthall, and the installation was made by the artist collective CEBEP 7 (North 7)

Bilagas participation was generously supported by The Swedish Arts Grant Committee

Gothenburg City Library

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At the weeklong presentation of Swedish cultural magazines at Gothenburg City Library, Bilaga had a cabinet full of editions and we also held a talk about mail-art in general and us in particular.

Eva Björkstrand

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Last issue of 2015 by Eva Björkstrand comes as a textile kit. Included is a handmade screen-print and all the things needed for a hanging tapestry.

Release & 5-year celebration at Gallery 54

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A weekend of mail-art at Gallery 54 in Gothenburg. The weekend started with a release of Eva Björkstrands new work, opening of an exhibition including all previous works made for BILAGA during five years, all to the tones of Matilda Kråkesson Andersson on piano.

Stina Pettersson

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Lost place is found, recorded and questioned in the format of a poster that is sent to our subscribers. Stinas new work comes just in time as autumn is approaching and the poster can not only act as a memory of a place but also of summer and those delicate, sometimes overlooked, petite summer flowers.

Release and live typing at Skånes Konstförening

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An afternoon at Skånes Konstförening to celebrate Stina Petterssons new work Tappad plats – Ruderatmarkens funna flora and that exactly a year ago Raquel made the work ”We Live in a Times of Monsters”. Stinas new poster was on display and Raquel did a live performance with the images from her book on a C64. All previous editions was also there to be viewed.


Robertina Šebjanič

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From Ljubljana by buss to Venice, from Venice to Rome with train and from Rome to Gothenburg by plane and finally dispersed in the mail system to a wide variety of addresses. Robertinas jellyfish have travelled long distant without touching water.

Jellyfish have inhabited the seas and oceans for over 500 million years. They are the perfect evolutional archive and in the Anthropocene epoch that we are in, they might give us a clue on what moves we need to make for the future.

A jellyfish consist of 95-99% water and water is what Robertinas jellyfish are reacting on. The link that shall complete the circuit so the lamp shines and sound is produced is our fingers. Fingers are a bit moist as they belong to a body that contains 55-75% of water.

Under Editions you find the instructions to finalise the work.

Packing at 6PM

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In preparation of posting a new work for BILAGA, Robertina Sebjanic took part in the network of one night art event taking place around Europe simultaneously. Scroll down for Robertina and watch the documentation.

6 PM

Anastasia Vepreva

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The first issue of 2015, transported from Russia by special delivery!

At the same time as Anastasia partook in a residency in Skövde the Swedish military was hunting unidentified naval vessels in the archipelago of Stockholm. To her it came quite unexpectedly that she, an artist in the middle of Västergötaslätten would feel unease when someone asked where she was from. Perhaps she was a real spy? The work Anastasia has made is a postcard with a personal greeting to an unknown receiver.

During the autumn of 2014 Anastasia partook in a residency at Skövde Konsthall. The art institution runs AiR Skövde, a project initiated by Västra Götalandsregionen with the aim of creating meeting pots for international and local artists throughout the region. Anastasias work is a result of a collaboration between Skövde Konsthall and BILAGA.

About AiR Skövde:

Under Editions you find the text translated to English