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Anastasia Vepreva

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The first issue of 2015, transported from Russia by special delivery!

At the same time as Anastasia partook in a residency in Skövde the Swedish military was hunting unidentified naval vessels in the archipelago of Stockholm. To her it came quite unexpectedly that she, an artist in the middle of Västergötaslätten would feel unease when someone asked where she was from. Perhaps she was a real spy? The work Anastasia has made is a postcard with a personal greeting to an unknown receiver.

During the autumn of 2014 Anastasia partook in a residency at Skövde Konsthall. The art institution runs AiR Skövde, a project initiated by Västra Götalandsregionen with the aim of creating meeting pots for international and local artists throughout the region. Anastasias work is a result of a collaboration between Skövde Konsthall and BILAGA.

About AiR Skövde:

Supermarket Art Fair Stockholm 16-19 April

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After five intense days at Supermarket with lots of attention and curiosity about BILAGA (and quite a few new subscribers!!) we want to thank all our previous guest artists for making BILAGA so good and interesting!!supermarket

Last issue delivered just before the New Year.

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In true Christmas spirit the last issue of the year contains a gift for days to come but is also a reminder that nothing is forever

Raquel Meyers

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Issue #3 is here!
With her “keyboardslöjd” Raquel makes monsters, monsters that are here to help us deal with the everyday life and special useful today as ‘we are living in a time of monsters’.

Enclosed in every envelope is also unique lacer-cut with a different pattern for each subscriber.

Olle Essvik

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Second issue 2014! Olle Essvik takes a thorough look at food consumption and cooking programs and has created a continuous show where the “meatball-man” make soup after soup after soup…

A special book was made only for BILAGA subscribers.

Aeron & Alejandra.

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First issue of 2014 is here! Aeron Bergman and Alejandra Salinas shares their encounter with the migration procedure. Included is also a text by Inger Wold Lund.

Last of 2013!

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botar allt 2
#4 and last issue for 2013. To keep at hand in the coming year. 

Stina Östberg

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#3 has arrived! With a written reflection Stina lets us alter words, vision and states of minds.

Michael Wurtsbauer

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#2 2013 is here!

For the last year Michael has been living by the sea in Kosør Denmark. This has inspired his interest in spatial relationships where two planes are divided by a hard edge. His observations of the sea and the horizon should be seen as parallel investigations, which influence yet not dictate picture made in the darkroom. They may be equivalents of seascapes and yet they are formal investigations of light and dark, space and surface.

Textival 2013

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TEXTIVAL Bilaga participated at Textival 2013, always a joy!


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